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What is Port Townsend Internet?

Port Townsend Internet is a Washington state non profit organization registered in 2016 as utility company.


Internet, Phone, Hotspots.

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Smartify Towns Communications

Smart City,
Secure Guest Network,
Kid Educational Network.

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Security!Don’t let your network be hackedLearn More…Professionalism Team up with other organizations to reach common goalsLearn More…SkilledWe are highly skilled, experienced in telecommunication for over 20 years, with dozens of telecommunication partners. Learn More…Affordability As a Non Profit Organization we focus in serving rather than profitsLearn More…Non ProfitWe are a non profit organization based in Washington state serving the North Olympic Peninsula.Learn More…

Time left to submit application to the USDA Distance learning Grant

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Times Up! all applications must be submitted to the USDA by now, lets wait for approval.
Average Internet Speed in Washington State

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Covid Support to:

Community Buildings
Fire department

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Military level security
WPA3 security
Virus Filtering

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Public Hotspots

Fire Departments
Smart Cities

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Internet for kids

Fiber to kids homes FTTH
Whole home coverage
Educational network

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Internet of Things​

Introducing WIFI 6G

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USDA Distance Learning Grant

Network and Equipment Design Feasibility

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Do you know what happen every 39 seconds?
There is an attack in the web every 39 seconds … Don’t be next.

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