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Port Townsend ISP

Telephone and Internet Service Provider

Providing Telephone service and Internet from Port Townsend and Jefferson County to Callam, Gray Harbor, Mason counties, cities and roads

We specialize in business, public buildings and organizations, providing grants, solutions, and services, with increased value.

Top 10 Internet Services for Home

  1. Whole House Internet
  2. Security Cameras
  3. Improved internet security
  4. Isolated network
  5. Phone lines
  6. Video Phones
  7. Managed Network
  8. Free e-mail and Hosting
  9. Smart house
  10. IoT (Internet of Things)

Business have all home services as well as:

Top 10 Internet services for Business

  1. Whole Business coverage
  2. Marketing WiFi
  3. Guest WiFi
  4. Client Isolation
  5. WPA3 384 bit vs WP2 23 bit
  6. Schedule WiFi
  7. Free or Paid Wifi Hotspot
  8. Access Point Updates
  9. Lifetime Warranty
  10. Abusive users restrictions

Public Buildings have all the Internet Services of home and businesses as well as:

Top 10 Internet Services for Public Buildings

  1. Whole City or county coverage
  2. Smart city or smart county
  3. Free Internet Service with city coverage
  4. Road coverage
  5. 10Gbps internet speed
  6. Link aggregation for 20Gbps
  7. Transport internet to others buildings and VLANs
  8. Resilient Fiber and Wireless fail over, and load balancing
  9. IP-PBX, land lines, video desktop IP-Phones
  10. 10Gbps server

Top 10 Internet benefits for Farms

  1. Whole farm Internet coverage
  2. Access points repeaters on vehicles.
  3. Drone deployment with WiFi
  4. Smart Irrigation with WiFi
  5. Robotic Harvesting
  6. Weather Modeling
  7. Yield Monitoring
  8. Storage monitoring
  9. Direct to consumers sales
  10. Robotic milking

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We provide Internet and Phone service to the unserved and under served housing, farms, rural Internet. If you are under served you can pre-order here and we will communicate with you to find a solution.

Please help us find the unserved and under served :(Under-served < 25Mbps): by taking our survey here

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